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In the last 2 years killerdecks has had the opportunity to expand its product line to include: Fiberon Horizons Composite Decking; Veka PVC decking and Veka PVC railing; and Tamko PVC Railing. If you are seriously considering a deck with little or no maintenance, without the 30-40 sq ft price tag than Killerdecks is where you need to go.

We stock these products along with Micronized Treated Lumber, Dextrusions Brand Aluminum Balusters; and Cedar direct from Canada. All of the products can be purched from us at our sister store In this gallery you will find many pictures of projects we have completed over the years. With a brief history for each.

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View The Deck Lights Album

Deck Lights

Your deck is only 1/2 done if not light up, most people work during the day and it is dark at night, USE your investment LIGHT IT UP!!!!!!!!!!

View The Various deck features Album

Various deck features

Grille nook, different skirting, Hinged doors

View The Demolition, Reskins Album

Demolition, Reskins

This is how we take deck a down, in sections, when we bring the new decking materials to your house we pick it up with our lumber truck. No need for a dumpster on the drive.

View The All Composite Decks Album

All Composite Decks

With the addition of Fiberon Decking, Veka PVC Floor And Railing, Dextrusion Aluminum Balusters, NewTech composite Decking and Tamko Railing, and Aurora Deck Lighting. KillerDecks can now offer you the best of the best direct. Maintenance on these decks is accomplished with a garden hose. Click The Main Picture to the right to open the gallery of decks built in a community near you.

View The Pool Decks Album

Pool Decks

Pool Decks. We have done treated wood, composite floors and cedar rails, and and composite floors w/PVC rails and aluminum balusters. For the money you owe it to your self and your kids to put the composite on the floor w/hiddens fasteners vs. treated. With the composite there are no splinters, no staining w/ chemicals near the pool water, no high or low screws in the floor, etc. In most cases the cost is only $3.00 per sq ft more, on 400 feet that's only $1,200. Well worth the piece of mind.

View The Disability, Handicap, Ramps Album

Disability, Handicap, Ramps

Ramps. We have built ramps out of Treated wood, and Composite w/Aluminum Balusters. I recommend the later for a lot cleaner look today and 5 years from now. Cost difference betwwen the 2, treated or comp w/ cedar on the smaller of the 2 ramps was approx. $600.00

View The Screened Rooms Album

Screened Rooms

All the deck supports on this had to be redone, because you simply can't set a room on top of your existing deck and expect the snow loads to work. Gazebos and screened in rooms can rarely be set on an existing deck. There are lots of "builders" out there willing to "work with you" but 2 years from now when the room or gazebo starts to sink where are they going to be. I would demand a 10 year structural warranty from any body wanting to put a roofed in structure on an existing deck.

View The Glass Rails Album

Glass Rails

I bought all the Autumn Deckorator Glass Panels in the US, I have over 5,000 pieces in stock waiting for your deck. Killerdecks literally KILLS all the competion for this product. Should you want to buy it and install yourself or have us build this is a once in a lifetime opportunity for you. When it is gone, its gone.

View The Fences and Privacy Walls Album

Fences and Privacy Walls

If a great fence is what you require than call us. 734-728-2276 If all you want is price we are the wrong guys. I use 4x4-10 to build a 6' tall fence. How anybody in Michigan can use an 8' post when the frostline is 42" baffles me. 10' post cost a little more $2.00 ea. but your fence won't lean. We use 1 whole 80# bag per post. We also divide the total length of the fence and space the posts evenly. We don't put up 8' sections and finish off the end with a short piece. We also screw all the fence boards to the horizontal 2x4's, unless you sqeeze me, than we are going to nail it like every one else. We also use a string on a down grade and keep the fence top even, not use descending panels. The pictures here illustrate what i mean.

View The Front Porches Album

Front Porches

Roofs over the Front Entrance of the House

View The Gazebos Album


Gazebos, Gazebos and screened in rooms can rarely be set on an existing deck. There are lots of "builders" out there willing to "work with you" but 2 years from now when the room or gazebo starts to sink where are they going to be. I would demand a 10 year structural warranty from any body wanting to "work with you" by putting a roofed in structure on an existing deck.

View The Brick Columns Album

Brick Columns

Ultimate of all decks, Big budget last a lifetime and totaly match the house. If you love your house and are used to not fooling around this is you.

View The Floor Patterns Album

Floor Patterns

Floor Patterns In an effort to keep our prices low it is necessary to use creative fllor patterns; here are some samples

View The Basements Album


November to March Work Depending apon the season, If great work @ at fair price is what you need call, 734-728-2276. If you want a cheap job call ???????? We have insurance, trucks and warranty our work.

View The Bridges Album


Different ways to span water, or deck accents

View The Stairs Album


Different kinds of stairs

View The The Process Lumber and Gravel Delivered Album

The Process Lumber and Gravel Delivered

This is we bring our materials to the jobsite, We deliver our own gravel and all the decking supplys, this allows for on time deliveries, rather than have wood at your house for days before the crew come to build it.

View The Products Delivered to the Store Album

Products Delivered to the Store

This is how we buy material, all wholesale to give you the customer a better value, If you want to buy the material your self we will deliver it to you and teach you how to build the deck your self.

View The Composite Floor, Cedar Rails Album

Composite Floor, Cedar Rails

This used to represents about 70% of our work. These decks use the following products on the floor and top cap of the railing. Fiberon or NewTech Wood Composite Decking, both have hidden fasteners. Or Veka Cellular PVC Decking which does not. More info is available on these products through links in the product section of the web site. The railing and fascia (trim Boards) on the perimeter is made of Cedar. While the balusters are either Cedar Wood or Aluminum Balusters w/ plastic connectors provided by TheDeckBarn. Maintenace on the decks is minimal as long as the railing is stained with a solid color to match the trim of the house. Than it will need to be cleaned and stained every 4 years. These decks will require some Maintenance.

View The Community Projects Album

Community Projects

Donate and promote goodwill, Giving back

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